Full time undergraduate applications are submitted via UCAS and all application deadlines for relevant courses adhere to the deadlines agreed by UCAS.

In order to guarantee equal consideration these should be submitted to UCAS by 15th January, however most courses will accept applications after this date //Learn more.

Art & Design Interviews

Interviews for all Art & Design courses are held at our Garthdee Campus.

All invitations to interview are sent by email. You should receive confirmation of where it is to be held, the date and time.

If you’ve applied for more than one course at Gray’s School of Art, we will normally be able to assess your work for all applications during this interview and you should not have to attend more than once.

Interview Questions

Our interviews are relaxed and infornal. We want to get to know you and talk about your interests and your work. We may ask you:

  • Why you have chosen to apply to Communication Design at Gray’s School of Art?
  • What aspects of Communication Design are you interested in?
  • What do you hope to achieve whilst studying at RGU?
  • What particular skills and experience you will bring to the course?
  • Why should we offer you a place on the course?

We will also be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the course etc.

Portfolio Guidelines

Please remember to bring a portfolio of artwork and 2 passport size photographs of yourself with your name and UCAS Personal ID written on the reverse.All applicants attending interview must bring a portfolio of artwork to be assessed. 

Travel Information

Interviews are held at our Garthdee Campus, either at Gray’s School of Art or Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and the Built Environment. Your confirmation email will advise in which building your interview is being held.

What should I include in my portfolio?

There’s no specific requirement for content of portfolios. They really serve as a way for us to evaluate how you think and communicate visually. Also how you develop concepts and the range and level of practical skills you have already acquired. Try not to worry too much about it, just bring what you have; talking to you is just as important as the folio itself.[/two_thirds]


We recommend that you use a ‘visual diary’ to record things that interest you. This could include drawings, photographs and ideas development. A collection of articles that interest you, the recording an exhibition visit etc. The workbook should also reflect an individual’s interest in Design and might include examples of good and bad design. Add notes and annotation about why you like or dislike these examples.

Development of Ideas

We like to see that you can develop your ideas. We like to see the process that you go through when you build on your ideas and how you reach your final outcome. For example your  ideas can be shown through 2D and 3D development and experimentation.


We like to see evidence of the ability to use drawing to record/develop/communicate information/and to demonstrate some confidence in the selection and use of a range of media including photography. We also like to see some evidence of technical or detailed drawing is useful but not essential. And some evidence of CAD is useful but not essential.

Investigation and Analysis

We like to see some evidence of the ability to gather research material (visual or otherwise) in response to a specified brief, and (ideally) also in response to the applicant’s own interests and hobbies. We also like seeing evidence of ability to apply some analysis to this material. This allows us to understand your thought process.

Portfolio Guidance & Open Days at Gray’s School of Art.

Gray’s School of Art offers Open Days and folio guidance sessions during the period prior to application. This is your chance to visit Gray’s School of Art, find out more about the courses you are interested in and receive guidance on preparing your folio.

If you would like to come along to any of these events at Gray’s School of Art simply contact Alison Young to book your place by calling (01224) 263648 or by e-mailing:

Please make sure that you book early.